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Sunday, June 16, 6:15AM: We did get rain yesterday afternoon and evening, but the current forecast has no rain for today. The boys are on the dozers fixing up the track, and we are planning for an on-time (8AM for practice) start.-------------------------------------------------------------------Saturday, June 15, 4PM: The 50% became rain and called practice early. About 50% chance of rain through the night, then it's only 15% chance of rain for tomorrow. -----------------------------------------------------------------------Saturday, June 15, 8:15AM: Track is in excellent shape. Weather is excellent right now, and forecast is currently calling for a 50% chance of scattered showers later this afternoon.


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KTM/LCR Millville Hare Scrambles Info 2019



Millville Hare Scrambles

May 12, 2019 KTM/LCR

Millville Hare Scrambles


-All material is subject to change.


-Cash or Visa/Mastercard is accepted at the track (NO CHECKS).

-This is a Minnesota D23 event.  For class info and more information on D23, please visit

-This is an AMA race and you must be an AMA member.  AMA memberships can be purchased at the track.  For more information on the AMA, including the rulebook, visit

- For Minor Release Info, please click on the “Minor Release Forms” link to your left in the “Events Information” section

IMPORTANT: If a minor will be attending without legal guardian, the minor must either have an Annual Release Waiver card present at Registration, or follow the directions in the Minor Release Forms page completely


Weekend Schedule


Saturday, May 11

  • Gate Hours: 5PM – 10PM
  • Registration: 5PM – 7PM (Tentative)
    • *Must pass sound testing before registering to race


Sunday, May 12 – D23 Hare Scrambles

  • Gate Hours: 7AM – 7PM
  • Registration: 7AM – 12:30PM
    • *Must pass sound testing before registering to race
  • Sound Testing: 7AM – 12:30PM


Start Times & Lengths

  • Peewee, Girls, & Sportsman Mini: 9AM
    • Approximately 1 hour
  • Premier: 9:30AM
    • Approximately 1 hour
  • Micro, Macro, & 50cc Sportsman: 10:15AM
    • Approximately 45 Minutes
  • C/Women/Masters 1/Golden Master/Junior/Sportsman 1/X-class: 11:30AM
    • Approximately 1 hour
  • AA/A/B/Masters 2/Sportsman 2: 1:15PM
    • Approximately 2 hours


Riders’ Meetings will take place on the line 15 minutes before the scheduled starts


Weekend Pricing

-Prices in green font are cash discounted prices

-Prices include Sales Tax


  • Camping = $11/$10 per vehicle per night
  • Electric/Water Hook-up = $26/$25 per vehicle per night
    • Limited sites, inquire at gate for availability
  • Gate Fee (ages 4+) = $11/$10
  • Entry Fee (AA) = $51/$50è100% payback
  • Entry Fee (Motorcycle) = $36/$35
  • Entry Fee (Mini Classes) = $21/$20
  • Entry Fee (X-Class) = $11/$10
    • See below for class qualifications



*No motorized vehicles allowed Trackside, pedestrian traffic only


Hare Scrambles Class List

*Further info regarding the classes can be found on the AMRCA D23 rulebook at



Ø  Micro 4-8, oil injected 50cc 2 stroke or 4 stroke automatic

Ø  Macro 4-8, 50cc 2-stroke Premix chain, 80cc 4stroke. DS 80, PW 80, XR 80 (not all inclusive – Referee may decide which class a particular machine and racer is assigned to)

Ø  Peewee 7-11, 0-65cc 2-stroke; 9-11 PW 80, DS 80, 80cc 4-stroke; (not all inclusive)

Ø  Premier 7-15, 0-85cc 2-strokes, Big wheel 85/112, up to 150cc 4-stroke. (not all inclusive)

Ø  Junior 11-15, 80-200cc two stroke-80-230 four stroke

Ø  Girls 9-15, 52-112cc two stroke/52-150cc four stroke*


Ø  0-200 A, B, & C

Ø  201-250 A, B, & C

Ø  Open (251 & Up) A, B, & C

Ø  30+ Vet A, B, & C

Ø  40+ Senior A, B, & C

Ø  50+ A, B, & C

Ø  60+ Masters 1 (runs with C class, no A Racers, non-Championship class)

Ø  60+ Masters 2 (runs with A/B class, Championship class)

Ø  70+ Golden Masters

Ø  Women 12+



Ø  Youth Sportsman 50cc (runs with Micro/Macro, non-points)

Ø  Youth Sportsman Mini (65/85, runs with Peewee/Girls, non-points)

Ø  Women 30+ (runs with C class, non-points)

Ø  Sportsman 1 :12+ (No minicycles, runs with C class, non-points, cannot enter this and another class on day of event)

Ø  Sportsman 2: 12+ (No minicycles, runs with A/B classes, non-points, cannot enter this and another class on day of event)

Ø  X-Class (Beginners Only, see below for more info, no awards)


*Girls 9-15: Must be at least 12 years old to ride 86cc and larger 2-stroke and 150c 4-stroke


X-Class Restrictions

·         Rider must have NEVER raced a Hare Scrambles or Enduro before

·         Bike size is 85cc and up

·         Riders must be at least 15 years old

·         Rider must be an AMA and D23 member - available at sign-up

·         All AMA & D23 Hare scrambles rules apply.

·         Rider meeting is MANDATORY

·         Exhibition only - Rider will be scored each lap but no points will be given or trophies awarded

·         No straight through mufflers allowed

·         You can only be an X-rider ONCE


Weekend Activities

·         Kid Zone

o   Swing set

o   Basketball court

o   Four-square pad

o   Badminton

o   Volleyball

·         Sand beach along creek

·         Trout Fishing

·         Check out our Traveler’s Info Page (located on the menu bar to your left) for local attractions and events.


Camping Rules

·         Camping is first come first served, no reservations

o   Limited electric/water hook-up sites – inquire at gate upon arrival

o   For seasonal hook-up site, email or call for availability and rates

·         Several water fill-up stations on-site

·         Dogs are allowed, but must be leashed at all times

·         Please place garbage in trash bags along roads.  Garbage crews will be rotating throughout the weekend to collect trash.

·         Quiet hours are 10PM-6AM (noisy generators must be shut off)

·         Check out our Traveler’s Info Page (located on the menu bar to your left) for more on local travel stations and camper needs


Amenities at Millville Motocross Park

·         Level campgrounds

·         Flushing air-conditioned restrooms

·         Water on grounds for filling tanks

·         Garbage will be collected throughout the weekend.  Please place in bags along the road (but not IN the road!)

·         Air-conditioned Concession area with live video feed of racing



Ice:  Ice will be sold in the Pit Stop concessions during concession hours. 

Lost and Found:  Located at the Trackside Sign-up.


Traveler’s Information: Visit our Traveler’s Info Page (located on the menu bar to your left) for Directions, Hotels, Area Attractions, Campgrounds, Restaurants, Superstores, Grocery Stores, Laundromats, Travel Services, Camper Services, & local hospitals.


Hare Scrambles Volunteer Duties/List



·         All volunteers need to be present the Friday and  Saturday before the race to get their section race ready and/or be trained, and must volunteer event all of Sunday including course clean up.

·         All volunteers need to put in at least 24 hours and volunteer the day of the event to earn their volunteer points. See the D23 rulebook at for the requirements for volunteer points.

·         All adult volunteers must bring the following supplies: hatchet/machete/etc., hammer, staple gun with 5000 staples (if you do not have a staple gun, we recommend getting one that uses Arrow T50 ½" staples), trail vehicle capable of carrying supplies.

·         Volunteering is on a first come basis.  Restricted number of volunteers.

·         To volunteer, contact Spring Creek at  



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