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Another sunny day in Millville!


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Online Entry is Open for the October 11 Race! Round 1 of the 2021 Super Series!




Online Registration

To register for amateur racing, go here:

†††††† The deadline to register online for regular Super Series races will be the Friday preceding the event at 11:59PM.

o†† For deadlines for special events (such as pro week amateur racing), please click on the appropriate event link in the menu to your left.

o†† *Deadline for September 20 race is THURSDAY September 17 at 11:59PM.

††††† IMPORTANT: If there is more than one event available to register for, please select the correct event!

Remember, you must check-in at the track during race registration hours.Here is a list of what you will need to bring to check-in:

†††††† Current AMA card

†††††† Current D23 card (or your district's card if you are not a MN resident)

†††††† Online registration confirmation email

†††††† Minor Release (minors only)

†††††† Legal Guardians (minors only)

Sick of filling out release after release at every race weekend?The AMA offers an annual release for both adults and minors.Once you get this card, you no longer have to sign the forms, but just show your AMA annual release card.To obtain your AMA annual release, click HERE.Scroll towards the bottom of the page where you will find the annual releases.

For online entry, you will need your AMA number.If you do not have an AMA membership, you can purchase one online by clicking HERE.

COVID-19 Safety Protocols - Spring Creek Motocross Park Race

††††††† Spring Creek has developed a plan for staff, racers, support personal and vendors to proceed during this Pandemic to ensure that Group gatherings of more than 10 people donít assemble; Social Distancing, sanitation and safety can be met.

†††††† Reducing Transmission among Workers, Vendors and Customers:

Health Status questions will be asked of all staff and vendors upon entering the facility and all visitors will be reminded that if they have experienced any symptoms they will not be allowed into the facility.

For those that might become ill while here there will be an isolation tent with the medical crew.

†††††† All visitors will assume all risks related to participation and Coronavirus exposure:

An inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any place where people are present. COVID-19 is an extremely contagious disease that can lead to severe illness and death. According to the CDC, senior citizens and persons with underlying medical conditions are especially vulnerable.

†††††† Camping:

Vehicles will maintain spacing between vehicles of 20 feet. Small campfires will be allowed if social distancing practices are followed. Those with onboard bathrooms are recommended to use them over the public bathrooms. When out of your camping area masks or facial coverings are recommended. Pit vehicles will be allowed if everyone can social distance correctly.

†††††† Gatherings:

Groups of more than 10 people are prohibited; your camping spot is where you hang out at.No Spectating is allowed due to Governors orders but you may support your racer. Swing sets will be off limits, Beach will be open with an 8 PM curfew to allow for social distancing and no Group Gatherings. Self-contained sites will not exceed the limit of 250 people.

†††††† Sanitation:

Cleaning protocols will be put in place for common touch points. Bathrooms will have a posted cleaning schedule and be in and out a no touch operation, disinfectant, soap and water will be available. It is recommended that your items you come with (Garbage) leave with you.

†††††† Signage:

Public informational signage will be posted, where appropriate to require no gatherings of over 10 people and the 6 foot social distancing, and washing of hands and not touching your face with your hands.

†††††† Follow the Rules:

Campground rules and Facility instructions, whether given in writing or verbally, that protect your safety and the safety of others will be monitored regularly to keep everyone safe. Violation of rules will result in you being asked to leave, your privilege to be here on private property will be revoked (No Refund).

†††††† Communications, Training and Supervision:

Spring Creek will keep informed of any Health issue changes regarding the COVID-19 and any state, federal or local regulations that may impact the operation of our business that will result in new updates to our Preparedness plan.

††††††† Visit WWW.springcreekmx.comfor event details.

Certified by;

John and Greta Martin, Owners


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