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End of the Year at Spring Creek MX Park. 2021 is Next!


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October 10-11 Practice/Race Weekend Info for Round 1 of the 2021 Super Series




October 10-11, 2020

MX Practice & Race Weekend


All material subject to change.


We do not accept checks. 

We accept cash and Visa/Mastercard.


Prices in green font are cash discounted prices

All pricing includes Sales Tax


For Online Entry: Click on the “Event Registration” tab to your left


Event Notes:

·     This is an AMA race and you must be an AMA member.  AMA memberships can be purchased at the track.  For more information on the AMA, to purchase/renew your AMA membership online, or to view the rulebook, visit

o  Note: if you purchase/renew your AMA membership online, make sure to print the temporary card or you will need to purchase/renew at the track.

·     For Minor Release Info, please click on the “Minor Release Forms” link to your left in the “Events Information” section

o   IMPORTANT: If a minor will be attending without legal guardian, the minor must either have an Annual Release Waiver card present at Registration, or follow the directions in the Minor Release Forms page completely

·        Transponders will be required for ALL RACE DAYS beginning at the June 28 race. Transponders will be available at the main Registration building (NOT the eScore trailer). They will also be available for practice days if you would like to get your lap times (optional for practice days)! There will be no rental fee, though you will need to leave credit card info that will only be charged if the transponder is not returned. In lieu of a rental fee, a $5/rider scoring fee will be incorporated into the entry fee (see below).

o   If you would like to purchase your own transponders, they must be compatible with the MyLaps system. To ensure you purchase a compatible transponder (and support eScore at the same time!), you can purchase directly through eScore on Amazon or Ebay by clicking on the links below:

§  Amazon – click here

§  Ebay – click here


    • When out of your camping area masks or facial coverings must be worn.
    • Social distancing will be enforced.
    • Garbage service will not be provided due to cross contamination, so pack it in and pack it out.
    • Full procedures below, please read!!!


Weekend Info



Gate Hours: 5PM – 10PM

Camping: $16/$15 per vehicle per night

Camping in electric/water hook-up site:

·       Please email if you would like to be put on the waiting list for an annual electric/water hook-up site


Saturday – Open Practice (Bikes Only)

Gate Hours: 8AM – 10PM

Gate Fee: $11/$10

Camping: $16/$15 per vehicle per night

Camping in electric/water hook-up site:

·       Please email if you would like to be put on the waiting list for an annual electric/water hook-up site

Practice Registration: 8:30AM – 4PM

Practice on Pro Track: 10AM-5PM (Tentative pending weather and turnout)

Practice on KTM Peewee Track: Noon – 5PM (Tentative pending weather and turnout)

Sign-up/Check-In for Sunday’s Race: 2:30PM – 4PM


Sunday – Amateur Racing (MN D23 Points Event)

Gate Hours: 7AM – 8PM (no overnight camping)

Gate Fee: $11/$10

All Weekend Discounted Gate Fee (Includes Saturday & Sunday): $11/$10

Registration/Check-in: 7AM at Trackside Sign-Up

Warm-ups: 8:00 AM

Riders’ Meeting: 8:45 AM

Races: 9:00 AM



v eBike Jr. 4-6 (not a D23 points paying class)*

v eBike Sr. 7-8 (not a D23 points paying class)*

v 50cc Pre-Mix 4-6 (AMA class 1)*

v 50cc Pre-Mix 7-8 (AMA class 2)*

v 50cc Oil Injected 4-8 (AMA class 3)*

v 50cc Multi-Speed 4-8 (AMA class 4)*

v 50cc Shift/Shaft 4-8 (restricted to low tech beginner bikes such as PW, CRF, & TTR)*

v 50cc Open 4-8*

v 65cc 7-9

v 65cc 10-11

v 65cc 7-11

v 85cc 9-11

v 85cc 12-15

v 85cc 9-12

v Supermini 12-16 (79-112cc 2-stroke, 75-150cc 4-stroke, maximum wheelbase = 52", maximum front wheel size = 19", maximum rear wheel size = 16")

v Schoolboy 1: 12-16 (86-125cc 2-stroke, 75cc-150cc 4-stroke, minimum front wheel size = 19”, minimum real wheel size = 16”)

v Schoolboy 2: 12-17 (122cc-150cc 2-stroke, 126cc-250cc 4-stroke, no minis or superminis)

v 14-24 A, B, C

v 25+ A, B, C

v 30+ Vet A, B, C

v 35+ A, B, C

v 40+ Senior A, B, C

v 45+ A, B, C

v 50+ A, B, C

v 55+

v 55+ B/C (not a D23 points paying class)

v 60+

v 65+

v 70+

v Girls Junior 9-12 (59-85cc 2-Stroke, max front wheel 17")

v Girls Senior 12-16 (79-112cc 2-Stroke, 75-150cc 4-Stroke, max front wheel 19")

v Women 12+ (99cc-250cc)

v 122-125cc 2-Stroke, Ages 12+

v 250 A, B, C (122cc-250cc 2-stroke or 4-stroke, no minis or superminis)

v Open A, B, C (122cc-Open 2-stroke or 4-stroke, no minis or superminis)


*All 50cc classes are stock classes. Please refer to AMA rulebook or consult referee with questions.


Note: The classes above are the same as MN D23 (unless otherwise noted), so if you have any questions regarding a class please see the Rule Book at, or ask the referee at the event.



Beginner Classes

The beginner classes will practice & race on the KTM Peewee Track. 

The beginner classes are intended for the true beginners looking for a place to ride and an introduction into the world of motocross racing.  Every beginner will receive a participation award.

If a rider races on the Pro Track, they will not be eligible for any of the beginner classes.


AMA card IS required for beginner classes.


You may not ride a Beginner class in addition to another class

            Exception: you may ride the Hornets 7-11 in addition to 50cc classes


  • Hornets 7-11 (60-85cc 2-stroke, 70-125cc 4-stroke)
  • Yellow Jackets 12-15 (60-105cc 2-stroke, 70-150cc 4-stroke)
  • Referee retains the discretion to assign riders to the appropriate class


Practice Info & Schedule

For information on practices, please click on the “Practice Days” link found to your left under the “Events Information” pull-down menu.


Class Pricing & Entry

  • Practice Fee = $41/$40 per group
    • No online registration. Practice fees are paid at track only.
  • Practice Fee after 3PM - $26/$25 per group
  • Race Online Entry by Thursday preceding event
    • Class 1 = $35 ($30 entry fee + $5 scoring fee)
    • Class 2 = $30
    • Class 3 = $25
    • Class 4 = $20
  • Race Post Entry at Track
    • Class 1 = $41/$40 ($35 entry fee + $5 scoring fee)
    • Class 2 = $36/$35
    • Class 3 = $31/$30
    • Class 4 = $26/$25
    • *Note: Multi-class discounts valid per rider, not per family/group
  • Beginner Classes = $26/$25 per class ($20 entry fee + $5 scoring fee)
    • Beginner Classes include the Hornets & Yellow Jackets




COVID-19 Safety Protocols - Spring Creek Motocross Park Race June 6 and 7th

Spring Creek has developed a plan for staff, racers, support personal and vendors to proceed during this Pandemic to ensure that Group gatherings of more than 10 people don’t assemble; Social Distancing, sanitation and safety can be met. We have been allowed this opportunity to resume Racing and camping, let’s keep it this way.


·       Reducing Transmission among Workers, Vendors and Customers:

Health Status questions will be asked of all staff and vendors upon entering the facility and all visitors will be reminded that if they have experienced any symptoms they will not be allowed into the facility.

For those that might become ill while here there will be an isolation tent with the medical crew.

·       All visitors will assume all risks related to participation and Coronavirus exposure:

An inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any place where people are present. COVID-19 is an extremely contagious disease that can lead to severe illness and death. According to the CDC, senior citizens and persons with underlying medical conditions are especially vulnerable.

·       Camping:

Vehicles will maintain spacing between vehicles of 20 feet. All must point the same direction. No campfires will be allowed. Those with onboard bathrooms are required to use them over the public bathrooms. When out of your camping area masks or facial coverings are recommended. No Pit vehicles are allowed at this time.

·       Gatherings:

Groups of more than 10 people are prohibited, your camping spot is where you hang out at, and No Spectating is allowed due to Governors orders. Playgrounds will be off limits, Beach will be closed and 8 PM curfew to allow for social distancing and no Group Gatherings.

·       Sanitation:

Cleaning protocols will be put in place for common touch points. Bathrooms will have a posted cleaning schedule and be in and out a no touch operation, disinfectant, soap and water will be available. Garbage service will not be provided due to cross contamination so pack it in and pack it out.

·       Signage:

Public informational signage will be posted, where appropriate to require no gatherings of over 10 people and the 6 foot social distancing, and washing of hands and not touching your face with your hands.

·       Follow the Rules:

Campground rules and Facility instructions, whether given in writing or verbally, that protect your safety and the safety of others will be monitored regularly to keep everyone safe. Violation of rules will result in you being asked to leave, your privilege to be here on private property will be revoked (No Refund).

·       Communications, Training and Supervision:

Spring Creek will keep informed of any Health issue changes regarding the COVID-19 and any state, federal or local regulations that may impact the operation of our business that will result in new updates to our Preparedness plan.

·       Visit  for all event details.


Certified by;


John and Greta Martin, Owners



District 23 COVID-19  Release

Our hard work is paying off.  We will be getting back to riding this weekend for races on private lands.  We continue to work with the DNR to restart racing on State and other public lands. 


As part of our efforts, we have submitted a 13-page plan to the governor, MN Department of Health, MN DNR, DEED, OSHA, WHO, CDC.  The plan meets the guidelines of all the above agencies in order to resume safe riding. These guidelines will be enforced, and many may seem strict.  However, the result of not meeting the plan guidelines will result in the events once again being shut down.


We all need to be diligent in keeping to the guidelines, whether it's racers and their families or event staff and volunteers.


Below is a small synopsis of the rules that will need to be followed.  Note: Each facility/event will have a more extensive set of Rules and Guidelines so visit their websites before you haul. If you feel they are too demanding please do not attend any events, until all the safeguards are lifted. If you feel that it is not safe to go back to riding please do not attend any events until you feel it is safe to do so.


We are restricted to 250 people in any one confined area and no groups allowed other than family to a max of 10. You may be assigned to parking and camping spots to maintain safe spacing. You will be spaced out accordingly. No campfires will be allowed. 


We are not allowed to use community items such as pens and change.  Online registration will be preferred where available.


Some Dos:

1. You will need face protection when not on your motorcycle and out of your designated pit area. Bring face coverage if you want to be part of the event.

2. Bring hand sanitizer, and plenty of it. 

3. Bring correct change; we need to cut down on money exchange.

4. For the protection of the staff at our events wear your mask when conversing with them.

5. Bring your own garbage bags. You will be taking your garbage home with you. This prevents cross contamination, which is safer for event staff. 

6. Stay within your designated pit area as much as possible, unless racing, supporting your family member race, registering, etc. If you are outside of your pit area wear your mask.

7. Stay with your immediate family; no mixing of groups. 

8. Take your temperature prior to leaving home. If it is 100.4 or above stay home. 

9. You may be asked the MDH screening questions prior to entry to the facility. 


Some Don’ts:

1. Don't bring any friends or grandma and grandpa, especially if they have any medical conditions.

2. Only one support person will be allowed to the staging and start area with the racer.

3. Keep the 6-foot distance from any persons that are not in your immediate family.

4. Do not come to start area prior to your class staging; we cannot have groups congregating behind the start line. 

5. Maintain distance when supporting your racer on the track.

6. Do not go outside your pit area without face coverage; mask or helmet must be worn at all times.

7. Do not congregate with other groups outside of your household.

8. Wash your hands and use hand sanitizer frequently. 

9. Avoid public restrooms if at all possible.


These are some of the things we have to do to make this work, please do not fight them. Put your feelings on this pandemic aside whether or not you feel it is serious.  If we do not do this the proper way we will be done for the season. People are watching and other businesses have received calls from the Attorney General’s office for not keeping strictly to their plans.  It will take all of us following these rules and guidelines to continue our season. 


We owe a special thanks to the members of the safe to ride committee for the hundreds of hours that have been invested in this plan to get us back to riding. We have used local, State, and national organizations to put this all together. MX Sports and Feld Supercross are both operating in the same manner. 



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